Line scanner

Laser Scanner: The Laser Scanner provides 2-dimensional measurements of height profiles. A laser line is
projected onto the target and the distance to the object surface is measured by means of triangulation.  

The laser line is produced by a pulsed laser diode and line generating optics. The light diffuse reflected fom
the target is projected onto a CCD-array. The different height contour of the object results in an excursion of
the laser line. This excursion is  corrected trigonometrically and evaluated. Beside the information about the
height profile (z-axis) the position of the scanning point at the laser line (x-axis) is disposed.

The result is the contour of the object at the point of measurement. A complete scan is done every 20 msec
with 283 measurement points or every 40 msec with 566 measurement points.

Technical Data:

Measurement range z           [mm]              8 - 1200
Scanning range x                 [mm]              5 - 600
Working distance                 [mm]             29 - 900
Resolution z                         [Ám]             30 - 3000
Resolution x                         [Ám]             30 - 2000
Laser wave length                 [nm]                670
Laser class                                                   2
Scanning rate, adjustable     [scans/s]          25; 50